[Information Technology (including Software)] Being competitive in the age of 6G – Finland launches a national smart campus programme

[Information Technology (including Software)] [EU] Being competitive in the age of 6G – Finland launches a national smart campus programme  

The new Smart Campus program will lead Finland towards 6G mobile networks and into the 2030s. The goal is to ensure the competitiveness of Finnish companies with the introduction of novel technologies. The programme, funded by the Academy of Finland, is launched in collaboration with eight higher education institutions.

Smart campuses and their ecosystems are innovation engines for Finnish exports. The Smart Campus programme, which has just been launched, will serve as a new kind of platform and partnership model for innovation collaboration with SMEs, accelerating the digitalisation of society.

The programme will build on principles of open-mindedness and multidisciplinarity, combining visions of future technologies, the latest service and platform developments, and the educational offerings of higher education institutions. The Smart Campus programme will produce digital research innovations, which in turn will generate new services that offer companies the latest technology platforms, and testing and business development opportunities. In this manner, the campuses will open more direct paths from their latest research findings to global business.

“The aim is to significantly accelerate the digitalisation of SMEs in particular. Even the smallest companies will have access to the Smart Campus’ service offerings already during the project which helps them in utilizing research-based knowledge and in increasing the competence of their staff,” says Program Manager Risto Jurva.



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