Priti Patel tells MPs she had ‘extensive’ talks with Met chief about policing of Sarah Everard vigil – as it happened

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Home secretary says 78,000 people have responded to government consultation on gendered crime since it was reopened on Friday

I had been in touch with the Metropolitan police commissioner on Friday and throughout the weekend and we have had extensive discussions in terms of planning, preparation for the vigil at the weekend.

I should, however, emphasise that on Friday there was legal action under way so until that legal action has been determined – and the commissioner and the Metropolitan Police themselves were engaging with the organisers with the vigil – there were various plans the police were working on.

I’m shocked at the way in which Saturday night’s vigil was policed, the situation demanded sensitivity and compassion, something which was evidently lacking.

But I’m also shocked that what started as a peaceful and important vigil turned into a protest with photographs showing ‘ACAB’ signs, which stands for ‘All Cops Are Bastards’.

There is something about perpetrators and their serial offending that has to be addressed. There is no question about that at all. This does link, predominantly, to many of the criminal justice outcomes and the wider debate that this house will be having – not just later on today but over future weeks as well. I will be very candid: we will look at all measures and rightly so.

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