‘It’s a betrayal’: Cornish fishing vote turns against Tories over Brexit deal

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In Newlyn, anger at red tape and the falling price of fish looks certain to be felt at council polls

Michael Bosustow rubs his weary eyes as he climbs out of the cabin of his netter, Annie-May, which is tied up on the harbourside in Newlyn, near the western tip of Cornwall. He has been awake for about 30 hours and needs to prepare for another couple of days at sea. But he can still summon the energy to condemn the Conservative party for striking a deal with the EU that he – like many in this tight-knit fishing town – regards as a betrayal.

“We are dying out here – we are all getting older and there aren’t enough youngsters following us,” he says as the pale spring sun rises and gusts of cool Atlantic wind flap Cornish flags. “We could have got more fish and created a better future for the youngsters. It’s a missed opportunity.”

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