Rejoin Register backs young pro-EU campaigners at the Reading Festival

At the Reading Festival, young campaigners will be talking to party goers, highlighting the positive benefits of European Union membership. With the backing of the Rejoin Register (, the aim is to apply pressure on MPs and call for a more prosperous future for future generations.


The European Union offers endless opportunities for young people to grow and build successful careers for themselves. While much of the focus has been on the loss of educational opportunities, the campaigners will also be focusing on the loss of freedom to take temporary jobs abroad, something especially relevant to the music industry.


Alex Gunter, 23, one of the five co-founders of the Region Register, will be outside the Reading Festival on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm, along with campaigners from Berkshire for Europe and the Young European Movement.


“Brexit has happened,” said Gunter. “But that does not mean that people of my generation are willing to accept fewer opportunities, especially as the Brexit vote was a conscious decision. My generation argues that it is wrong and unfair to deny us the opportunity to have a better life – and we are going to push for it to be restored.


“Because of the strain Covid has had on the economy, my friends and I couldn't afford Reading Festival tickets this year. So instead of sitting at home, we've opted to make the most of the weekend and make some noise for a better future outside the Festival. We will talk to Festival goers about the opportunities that would be available if we were to rejoin the EU. Johnson and his Vote Leave crew need to know the coming generations will put things right.


“This isn't an anti-Brexit campaign moaning about a result we didn't like, but a positive campaign looking forward to a future where my generation has the tools to have a good quality of life.


“The Rejoin Register is proving to be a new powerful weapon for my generation and our campaign for the future we deserve. It has been a huge boost to efforts at the Reading Festival and I thank all of our backers; we have raised enough money to cover some of our travel costs (meaning more of us can come) and fund a lot of merchandise.”

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