Jacob Rees-Mogg denies that cutting 90,000 civil service jobs is a return to austerity – UK politics live

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Latest updates: minister for government efficiency says cuts would mean people were being used ‘efficiently’

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Earlier this morning the Tony Blair Institute published a report that analyses the impact of class on voting in the 2019 general election and beyond.

The Guardian’s political editor, Heather Stewart, reports:

Tony Blair urged Keir Starmer to reject “woke” politics and present a programme for government that is “radical without being dangerous”.

Based on analysis by the veteran pollster Peter Kellner, it points to particular problems for Labour with two groups: the 26% of voters who fit into the formal definition of middle class; and the 12% who would be defined as working class by pollsters but consider themselves middle class.

Who’s paying for his fare? Is that a good use of taxpayers’ money?”

The precept for the GLA [Greater London Authority] goes up and up and he goes swanning off around the world. It’s all hunky dory for him but it’s a bit tough on taxpayers.

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