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Latest updates: chief secretary to the Treasury says high pay awards will risk spiralling inflation as millions prepare for train strike

UK minister warns public workers to prepare for real-term pay cuts

More than half of the trains due to serve the Glastonbury Festival have been cancelled because of rail strikes, PA Media reports. PA says:

Tens of thousands of revellers will be forced to find alternative routes to the site in Pilton, Somerset.

Great Western Railway (GWR) is operating just five services from London Paddington to Castle Cary on Thursday, with a total of 24 between Wednesday and Friday.

No. I think what we’re seeing here is the results of the airline industry, having obviously massively contracted during the pandemic, now it’s facing this surge of pent-up demand as things stand back up. And, truth be told, it isn’t resourced and manned for that challenge. That’s why I think it is sensible that what we’re starting to see now is some of the airports revising their schedules.

Ultimately, I think the British people made their views very clear on unlimited immigration from the EU. And there were very good reasons why we voted to have a controlled immigration policy.

But I do not accept that this is simply a direct, pass-through effect from Brexit. What I would say is this is a result of an industry which massively slimmed down, and understandably so at a time when flying was well nigh impossible for a year and a half, two years.

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