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December 23, 2022

Businesses deserve better than Westminster’s wall of silence on Brexit, Rejoin EU Party says

Businesses facing a rising tide of Brexit damage deserve better than the wall of silence offered by Westminster, the Rejoin EU Party says.

More than three quarters, or 77%, of British companies have said the UK’s trade deal with the EU is failing to help them to increase sales or expand their businesses in Europe, according to a survey published this week by the British Chambers of Commerce.
Businesses said they were having trouble adapting to new Brexit rules for trading goods and services and obtaining visas for staff, as well as facing higher importing costs, lower sales margins and shortages of goods and services.  

The BCC said businesses feel they are “banging their heads against a brick wall” as nothing has been done to help them and that the U.K. needs an “honest dialogue” about improving trading links with the EU.

In addition, the Centre for European Reform also said Brexit is costing Britain £40bn in tax revenue per year and has cut GDP by 5.5% since the UK left the EU – and official data yesterday showed that UK GDP shrank 0.3% in the three months to September – the worst in the G7.

The Rejoin EU Party agrees with the BCC that politicians need to be more honest about Brexit chaos. The party believes the only realistic way to solve the problems is to re-join the single market, the customs union and eventually the EU.

The party is offering businesses struggling with Brexit problems the chance to have that “honest dialogue” and to work together to put pressure on the Tories, Labour and the Liberal Democrats to start listening to them.

Former MEP and Rejoin EU Party supporter Brendan Donnelly said: “Every day, the economic victims of Brexit become more numerous. It’s shameful that British politicians are so reluctant to speak up for them. It’s the job of politicians to defend the electorate from avoidable harm.
“Too many British politicians are content to let the Brexit damage continue in the hope of reaping short-term benefit for their parties. The only real hope lies in accepting Brexit has failed and that we need to return to the EU.”

Any businesses wishing to contact the Rejoin EU Party to discuss the way forward can email us at and/or click on the links below.

The Rejoin EU party is campaigning to re-join the EU because we believe the UK belongs at the heart of Europe and re-joining is the only way to solve the problems Brexit has created. Brexit is broken and it’s breaking our country too. All the promises on which Brexit was sold to the electorate in 2016 are now increasingly exposed as fantasy. Far from bringing the promised reduction in red tape and bureaucracy and providing £350m a week for the NHS, Brexit makes trading with the crucial European market more complex, difficult and expensive and threatens to reduce funding for public services. Sectors such as farming, fisheries & financial services, supposed to benefit from Brexit, now face an uncertain future. If you agree Brexit is making our country poorer, less tolerant and less united, join us and send a strong message to Westminster that you want your EU membership back, along with all its freedoms and benefits.

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