Rishi Sunak and Ursula von der Leyen expected to agree new Northern Ireland Brexit deal – UK politics live

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PM and EU chief to meet in Windsor for ‘final talks’ as Tory Brexiters say Sunak has done ‘very well’ but not enough

Good morning. Rishi Sunak is today unveiling his own Brexit deal – an agreement with the EU on changes to the Northern Ireland protocol. Theresa May lost office because she could not get her own Brexit deal accepted by her party, or parliament. Sunak is in a much stronger position than she was (the issue is more marginal, the Tory Brexiters are more marginalised, most MPs just want to move on, and he has Labour on his side, but it is still, as Peter Walker reports in his overnight summary, a perilous moment for him.

The Daily Mail splash headline sums up the key question for the day.

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