David Gauke suggests he might vote for the Rejoin EU Party


July 3rd, 2024

A pre-election message from Brendan Donnelly, leader of the Rejoin EU Party and parliamentary candidate in Finchley & Golders Green

Our country is at a crossroads and many voters are finding themselves politically homeless. A thoughtful recent analysis by David Gauke, a respected former UK Justice Secretary and lifelong Conservative, echoes the sentiments of many dissatisfied with the current trajectory of the Conservative Party, not to mention that of other mainstream parties failing to address the issue of Brexit.

However, Gauke points to a potential alternative – the Rejoin EU Party, and its candidate in South West Hertfordshire, Victor Silkin. 

Gauke wrote in Conservative Home: “I looked at the list of candidates in my constituency and saw there was a Rejoin EU Party candidate. A vote for him might just send a small message, not so much for now, but for where the country may want to go in the future. I might be tempted.”

We hope many other voters may also be tempted on Thursday to support the positive, progressive and forward-looking prospectus offered by the Rejoin EU Party.

The party aims to re-unite the UK with the EU, repair the damage caused by Brexit and restore the economic, political and social stability we once enjoyed. We'll do this by showing politicians that Europe is a ballot-box issue. Our supporters come from every political persuasion, left and right. Our vision is one of inclusivity, co-operation and progress.

Together, we can make a significant impact and guide our country back onto a path of prosperity and unity within the EU. Gauke's analysis powerfully highlights our cause. We urge voters to heed his words and send a message to Westminster on Thursday. Let's re-join the EU and re-build our nation's future together.

Visit our website at www.therejoineuparty.com, email us at admin@therejoineuparty.com, follow the party on Twitter at @rejoinp and read our 2024 General Election manifesto at therejoineuparty.com/manifesto-2024

The Rejoin EU party is campaigning to re-join the EU because we believe re-joining is the only way to solve the multiple problems Brexit has created. Brexit is broken and it’s breaking our country too. All the promises on which Brexit was sold to the electorate in 2016 were nonsense. Far from reducing red tape and providing £350m a week for the NHS, Brexit makes trading with the crucial European market more complex, difficult and expensive and threatens to reduce funding for public services. If you agree Brexit is making our country poorer, less tolerant and less united, join us and send a message to Westminster that you want your EU membership back, with all its freedoms and benefits.

Promoted by Richard Hewison on behalf of Brendan Donnelly and the Rejoin EU Party, 86-90 Paul St, London, EC2A 4NE.